Lavender Magnesium Butter- 9oz

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Magnesium is an element that most of us are lacking and sometimes this can result in leg cramps and restless sleep. Our special Magnesium oil is transdermally absorbed to provide quick relief for muscle aches and spasms. It is a non-oily cream that is meant to be applied to bottoms of feet and lower legs to help relieve cramping. Apply as you would a normal body cream. Use nightly as part of your self care bedtime ritual.

Ingredients: Organic shea butter, Avocado oil, Magnesium Chloride oil, Vitamin E tocopherol, coconut emulsifier, distilled water, Lavender essential oil, paraben-free preservative.

NOTE: If you have an allergy to any ingredients in this product, we can make substitutions. Message us or indicate on your order in the special instructions window.