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Effusive Beauty Handmade

Natural botanical soap and skincare handmade in small batches using organic elements, pure essential oils with no synthetic ingredients or preservatives, vegan properties with low-carbon footprints and eco-friendly, sustainable packaging. We are Effusive Beauty Handmade.

We are also the Husband + Wife team behind; Enevoldsen Limited

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Facial Cleansers, Masks + Moisturizers

Handmade Soap

Hair and Scalp

Cremes, Rubs + Salves

Cleanliness Is Next To Dogliness - Natural Canine Collection

~ We are Effusive Beauty Handmade ~ 


Our promise is to provide our customers with excellent service and a unique, fresh alternative to mass-produced skincare products by making them in small batches, free from synthetic ingredients, dyes and chemical fragrances.

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Lotions, Lotion Bars, Body Oils and Mousses

Solid Perfume

Incense, Candles & Room Sprays

Enevoldsen Ltd. Natural Deodorant