Distinguished. Beard Oil, 1oz

Enevoldsen Ltd.

$ 18.00

Patiently created with a Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils, Sandalwood, Cedar and mix perfectly with Vitamin E and other plant-based Oils. We infuse and cure these with specially selected Tobacco Leaf + Black Tea, in aged amber glass bail-wire bottles, for about a 2/3 month process in our studio. We have found that the oils absorb the healing properties of these legitimate, natural herbs that in-turn provide the only authentic cure for you.

For the Bearded; Use a generous amount (depending on your beard type) daily to moisturize and manage all of those knots and the knappy-hairs. Keeps the itch low, if not... making the itch gone. Your beard is then nice and easy to manage with your hands or a brush. Super fresh and clean, clean.

As an After-Shave or for the non-bearded brethren; right after you put the razor down and towel dry your face, use the dropper and apply a nice amount to your palm, mix your hands together and massage into your face. Enjoy the most soothing and refreshing feeling and you'll swear you've had the cleanest shave ever... trust us.

{for external use only.}

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