Enevoldsen Ltd. Men's

Enevoldsen Men's Tobacco + Stout Ale. Lather Bar, 5oz

Enevoldsen Ltd.

$ 10.00
Enevoldsen Men's Tobacco + Stout Ale. Lather Bar, 5oz - The Apothecary Fairy


Okay... truth be known, hands-down this is our "AWARD WINNER." Funny thing is we have no idea what awards competition we would enter or even if there is one in our category...?!?

This right here is the whole reason Enevoldsen Ltd. was envisioned in the music city streets of Nashville, Tennessee, during our first year wedding anniversary. We realized there was no mainstay competitor in the men's skincare category... so, creatively we challenged each other and literally created the ultimate lady killer. This is the culmination of true love and dedication. (Not to worry- the ladies love this lather bar too, however they'll probably steal it and make certain YOU NEVER GET IT BACK!)

{for external use only.}

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